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I bought nexagen usa product in december for the first time. to mu surprise ,money came out of my account again this january without my consent. i did not order the product again, so i wouldnt know why it should be forced down my throat when i do not want it. to whosoever it may concern, pls return my money, do not send the product to my address, and i hereby cancel my membership. What a scam!Pls... Read more

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When I signed up , the distributer told me how easy it was to get a refund. He also didn't bother to inform me that I would be charged for $140.00 autoship every month, that I never ageed to. When I realized this was not for me ( you have to bug your friends, family, and the milkman) I tried to get a refund. They were very rude and told me they would only refund a small part, after a... Read more

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Nexagen USA is a scam. The V.P. of sales was with herbalife who scammed thousands as you know before being sued. He is obese and smokes like a chimney. They got us a rep. and we signed up after all the lies, spending now over $800 and they refuse to refund our money even though they have a 30 day money back guarantee. We called them in 10 days after hearing all the things we were told were lies.... Read more

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