Nexagen USA - Money out of my acct. without my consent

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I bought nexagen usa product in december for the first mu surprise ,money came out of my account again this january without my consent.

i did not order the product again, so i wouldnt know why it should be forced down my throat when i do not want it. to whosoever it may concern, pls return my money, do not send the product to my address, and i hereby cancel my membership. What a scam!Pls how do i cancel my membership, im no longer interested in this.

its so ridiculous.thanks ok pls

Helen Alalade

Houston, Texas



When you purchase the first time you probably choosed the prefferal customer option, this option is to received a product each month at a lower price.

My answer is just for informaton beacause Nexagen is now closed


Sorry Loli,

But this is a scam.There is a predatory practice going on here.

I ahve had the ssame problem as Helen here as have many many others it appears by searching the internet. My wife was sold on this snake oil by a friend of a friend who is actually a licensed RN (shame on her). After spending several hundred dollars and the product not living up to the sales presentation she canceled. And I tell you even after she cancelled several more orders came in and she had to repeatedly call.

Now here we are 8 months later and suddenly another charge appears, unauthorized. The thinking here is that a lot of people are not mindful of there checking and credit card balances and won't notice, and if they do, there is a segment of the population that will procrastinate and not get around to calling for a rebate. It's all about percentages.

You falsely bill enough people and hope that, let's say 5% don't do anything about it, you stand to make more maoney.My advice to anyone out there researching this product or "business opportunity"...stay away.



My question to you would be, where or who did you purchase your product from? There are different ways of going about buying these products but usually it is through a distributor. Even if you did go to Nexagens website to place an order, they still would have sent that request to a distributor. You can easily buy a box of patches at retail price with no further obligations from any distributor, anywhere.

My advice would be to speak with the person that you bought the product from. If Nexagen was auto drafting money then you would have been signed up at least as a "preferred customer" but if that was the case then the distributor would/should have made sure that was the option that you agreed to. This company or the products are definitely not a scam and i'm sorry that you had a bad experience. Good luck!

Nexagen USA: don't believe thier lies!

Portland, Oregon 10 comments

When I signed up , the distributer told me how easy it was to get a refund. He also didn't bother to inform me that I would be charged for $140.00 autoship every month, that I never ageed to.

When I realized this was not for me ( you have to bug your friends, family, and the milkman) I tried to get a refund. They were very rude and told me they would only refund a small part, after a re-stocking charge.

Don't be fooled, their products don't just sell themselves, and unless you have a hundred loyal friends and family just waiting to do anything you ask them, no matter what the price (thier products are not cheap), your stuck with a hefty monthly bill!

Review about: Jen Fe Power Patch.



Autoship is to receive products automaticaly each month at a lower price, but you could puchase one time, but it was more expensive.

I think your distributor don't inform you very well, it's the same as banks or others sellers in shops, sometimes they don't tell you about all conditions to sell to you and earn bonuses.


I lost 150# with does work!!You must stay with it and yes it is expensive.

The alternative is being obese and spending your money on health issues.

If you are SELLING the product to make a dime and not for the health benefits, then SHAME on you and you got what was coming to you!You have the opportunity to actually help someone.


Scam. That's all that needs to be said.

to Mike #853131

Why did you say it's a scam ?

Nexagen sold patchs to loose weight, and when you purchase it, you receive it, it's not different when you purchase something in a supermarket.


I'm just curious as to the reason you decided to sign on with Nexagen in the first place...Was it only as a business opportunity?If so, that's a shame because you really missed what the product is REALLY about.

Health and wellness. Maybe if you had given the product time to really get into your system to see the benefits that would come along with it then it wouldn't be such a "bother" for you to sell it.

You would want anybody who would listen to you to know how much it had done for you.Just my thoughts!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #145862

I have been with NexagenUSA since 2003. This is an awesome company with products that actually work. The business works if the people will work.


oh so u must working too ? shame !!! Looser !!!


We've been on it for a month now and we've both lost inches. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. We knew exactly what it would cost when we started and so far it's been well worth it.


I've been on the patch for one month exactly and lost 6 pounds; my husband started 2 weeks ago and lost 6 pounds. So far, it works.


I have been doing NEXAGEN for two months now and it is the best thing that has happened to me.

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Nexagen USA lied to us to get over $523 & screwed us out of it

Livingston, Texas 7 comments
Not resolved

Nexagen USA is a scam.The V.P.

of sales was with herbalife who scammed thousands as you know before being sued. He is obese and smokes like a chimney. They got us a rep. and we signed up after all the lies, spending now over $800 and they refuse to refund our money even though they have a 30 day money back guarantee.

We called them in 10 days after hearing all the things we were told were lies. Brandi in custome service says she gets flooded with pissed people daily and there is nothing we cna do about it.

Nexagen is a rip off company....

Review about: Nexagen Power Patch.



I joined the company Aug. Of 08 .Was a bit skeptical but tried it anyway. My runaway diabetes 35o to 600+ readings are gone to 04=153 . Also durig the first 6 mth. I lost 6 pants sizes and the jaw bone chops I had . Friends asked daily what had happened and bang my business went full bore til my wife was seriously injured in an auto wreck , she died as a result of that and I went down for over a year . Hdqtrs. told me when things were better just call and reup on auto ship .

My total weight loss now is 143 lbs. It really sounds like this program doesnt work well ,HUH?

I am to this very day beginning to sell the POWER PATCHES again for others who just gave up on friends bad attitudes . When I run out of bought second had owned patches , I will reup immediately !!!

Thanks Nexagen for giving me my life back , AGAIN !!!!!!


I used the JenFe Power patch and ended up in the cardiac care Unit.My doctor forbade me to use the product.

When I said I want to cancell being a distributor and using the product I was sent an E-mail telling me that all the bad side affects I was having was natural because the power patch was detoxing my body.??? Now trying to cancell out of everything and am being told there's no record of me in their system.

Thank God I kept and made photo copies of all corespondence.I advise a think twice before joining this Co.pyramid style aproach.


The Patch product Nexagen only works for about 20% of the people who use it.I was a distributor and it did not work for me...

or most of the people I told about the product. I suppose this is why the top people in the company have left including Dr. Rouse... So I think you have a cool idea...

the patch...but it only works for a very small group of people


I was really shocked at this comment.Clinically proven, the products do work.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for the customer service reps at Nexagen. They have always been pleasant - even in difficult times and with difficult people.

Apparently you are using this to vent against a company you know nothing about to promote your own MLM venture now.Grow up!


While I don't share Anon's thoughts completely, I do think that people should do their own research.I was skeptical when I started, but it's really worked out for us.

Also, I have a hard time believing that one of their own custmer service people told you (Angelmartin) that she deals with pissed off people every day and that she can't help them.

To add to that, maybe if you actually tried out the product, you would find that it actually does work.I'm sorry your friends convinced you to quit it before you even got started.


Oh... and 1 more thing, nobody working for or ever has worked for Nexagen USA has ever had anything to do with herbal life.

Just a good piece of knowledge to know considering everything else you were wrong about.


VP Obese and Smokes? Also no refund? I find that hard to believe, also Brandi saying she deals with pissed customers every day and there's nothing she could do? Clearly you've never even called customer service regarding your complaints or you would have a different story to tell.

They honor their 30 day refund and will even refund a signup if it's within the given time frame in the terms of service. Just because you weren't cut out to NOT be lazy and actually do some work for money doesn't mean the company is a scam.

I among many other people have done very well for ourselves with this company. It takes some dedication and work but what other work at home opportunity offers even 1/10th the compensation plan that Nexagen does.

Anyone reading this needs to do their research instead of listening to false information provided by ignorant people.

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